About this blog

Welcome to the BIR Blog. Here you will find news, views and comments from individuals with a passion for radiology, radiation oncology and imaging. Participants in our blog reflect our multidiscplinary membership – so you will not only hear from physicists, radiologists, nurses, radiographers but from our corporate subscribers, our Council members and our staff.

The idea of the blog is to extend your knowledge and experience about the BIR, our members and our multidisciplinary community. All who contribute have a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise as well as strong opinions about best practice and innovation.  If you like what you read – please share with your colleagues and friends and encourage them to follow our blog.  Enjoy reading and please comment freely on our posts – we would love to hear from you.

About the BIR

  • The British Institute of Radiology is an independent multidisciplinary organisation, and a registered charity, whose membership is open to everyone with an interest in radiology and radiation oncology.
  • The British Institute of Radiology (BIR) is the oldest radiological society in the world.
  • We strive to ensure that the potential of image science and radiation technology to prevent, detect and combat disease is fully realised. We believe in the importance of research and education, and we promote collaboration and the sharing of knowledge and understanding.
  • To help fulfil our aims, we undertake a wide range of activities, including publishing, the organisation of scientific meetings and conferences and the provision of online library and information services.

To find out more about us visit www.bir.org.uk

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